Go Live

GDPR Mentor will go live on the 2nd April. Use the Contact Us form on the site if you would like to be kept up to date with any updates or news.
Yes you can, if you can start to gather lists of companies you deal with, systems you have then these can all be imported into GDPR Mentor when you begin. Excel templates are available in the Resources section of the site.


No, GDPR Mentor is developed on a platform that is suitable for 1 or 10,000 users.
GDPR Mentor classifies systems into three core groups. Cloud & On Premise Applications - these are the typical vendor bought or in-house designed packaged solutions. Electronic Documents - spreadsheets, word documents, powerpoint files, CSV files etc. Often overlooked in GDPR assessments. Paper Documents - GDPR included paper records, and GDPR Mentor allows you to treat these as you would any System and also record where it is physically stored.
Yes, each assessment generates its own unique link. This link can be sent to anybody without a user license to complete the assessment. This will typically be the case if you would like a vendor to answer technical questions about a system they provide.

Billing and Finance

Billing will be monthly by Credit Card, all of our payments are processed using World Pay and we do not store any Credit Card information.
If you are paying using a monthly subscription, you can choose to pay annually and receive 2 months free.


GDPR Mentor is hosted in a European data centre, by Mendix. Mendix is the platform used to develop GDPR Mentor.
Although GDPR Mentor is a cloud based application, we are able to deploy on-premise if you require. Please contact us to discuss your requirements further, deployment options and pricing.
GDPR Mentor will contain a very small amount of personal data. Typically just user names, email address and mobile telephone number. Email is used to send alerts to users, and telephone number used to support two factor authentication.
If you choose to cancel your subscription all of your data will be removed immediately, and will not be recoverable. You will have the option of exporting any data you have input, before you cancel your account.
No data in GDPR Mentor is accessible by anybody that you have not given permission to in the platform. No data of any kind is shared with any third parties or accessible to DBR Data.