GDPR Mentor interview by Suzanne Dibble

Having had the pleasure of speaking with, and meeting Suzanne Dibble whilst GDPR Mentor were exhibiting and Suzanne was the Keynote speaker at GDPR Summit London in April, we agreed at that time to do a live interview in Suzanne's incredibly popular Facebook group GDPR for online entrepreneurs

Due to a few technical hurdles, mainly how to do combine a webinar, screen share and Facebook live broadcast all in one this has taken a while to get going. That combined with the fact Suzanne and I are regularly up until the early hours of the morning working on GDPR with clients time was also a constraint.

However on the 23rd May we managed to get some time in the diary, and did a live, unscripted, unprompted interview/demo/q&a session broadcast live to her Facebook group.

The resulting video can be seen below, and you can register to GDPR Mentor using this link:

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