GDPR Summit.London roundup

What a whirlwind of a day, I don't think we sat down until 6:30pm getting a taxi from the venue! All the delegates were positive, engaging to talk to and had a wide variety of vendors to discuss their GDPR experiences with.

The major takeaway for me, is there are so many approaches to GDPR and this can be confusing for many of the smaller businesses looking to get started, so I will cover off a few of the areas below and where GDPR Mentor fits into this picture.

Some vendors are still offering "buy this and be GDPR compliant", buyer beware would be the message from us if you see these claims!

Consultants Only

Naturally, there are many organisations offering a small army of consultants to assist you in achieving GDPR compliance. The benefit of this is you have a team come in, follow a set of checklists and forms, provide you with a list of actions and a set of documents. The challenge with this approach is you never truly understand or own your own GDPR programme and will likely be reliant on same consultants for ever more.

Unstructured Data

There were several vendors offering discovery of personal data in unstructured documents, and for organisations with a large amount of sensitive data in documents this is a great tool in your GDPR toolkit to have. I spent some time on the stand with Gravicus and their discovery solution looked pretty impressive.

Consent Management

A pretty big subject in its own right, and if you rely often on the Legal Basis of Consent in your business model then a dedicated Consent Management platform would again be of benefit. In this area both Consent Eye and DataBoxer stood out on the day.

Master Data Management

Probably not something most would have expected to see at a GDPR conference and should have stimulated some extra thought, as if GDPR was not enough, as people start to see how intelligent MDM can work.  It was great to see Semarchy attend this event, and demonstrating their ability to provide a true Single View of Person across any organisation. This lends itself to greatly simplifying Subject Access Requests, Right to Rectification, Erasure and Portability by bringing all your data from any source into a single manageable repository.

Join Semarchy and GDPR Mentor for a co-hosted web briefing Pragmatic Data Requirements for GDPR on the 3rd May to continue on your GDPR journey.

GDPR Assessment Platform

This is where GDPR Mentor fits into the picture, in allowing you to take on our platform and execute your own GDPR Assessment by completing the simple and intuitive forms on the online platform. During the development of GDPR Mentor we've seen many offerings, from a set of PDF documents to massively complex enterprise systems that have been tweaked to fit the needs of GDPR.

We have taken the time to develop a solution that is ready for small businesses and enterprise alike, with pricing to enable you to achieve compliance without some of the large numbers I heard around the exhibition. We are focussed on GDPR and building partnerships with other great companies to help you achieve compliance.

GDPR Operational Processes

Fortunately we also fit into this space, allowing you a single platform to manage the operational requirements of Data Breaches, Subject Access Requests and all the Data Subject Rights. Allowing you to log, manage and audit on all requests you receive into your business.

DPOs + GDPR Mentor

We are working with several consultancy organisations that offer DPO services, alongside smaller assessment engagements, whilst using GDPR Mentor to support you through your GDPR assessment. This works should you not have the resource yourself but still want to have control over your programme and full access to your data in a way that is simple to use.

Legal Guidance

Whatever step you choose to take, ensuring you have the adequate legal advice in place is essential. Regardless of the vendor or service being offered you are still ultimately accountable for your own GDRP compliance. Groups on Facebook such as the one from Suzanne Dibble (panel speaker and closing keynote) below are great for advice & resources. I would highly recommend joining GDPR for online Entrepreneurs  (yes Facebook can be used for good).

Next Steps

Thank you to all those that popped by our stand to say hi, for those travelling home on long journeys I hope the Haribo we provided helped you get home OK! If we scanned you we will be in touch over the next few days to follow up and see where we can help you, if you missed us there is a link to the Summit Video we had playing on our stand if you would like a quick reminder and please do get in touch at 

We hope to have some partnerships arranged soon and announced on our web site and social media channels so please stay in touch.

Join Semarchy and GDPR Mentor for a co-hosted web briefing Pragmatic Data Requirements for GDPR on the 3rd May to continue on your GDPR journey.

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