Managing GDPR Subject Access Requests

We've just released our new Operate module, that allows you to record Subject Access Requests and Right to Erasure requests. The other items on the screenshot will be appearing very soon too.

We've got some screenshots below that shows how these work and make full benefit of the fully connected GDPR Mentor platform and the information you've entered during the Discover phase.



Firstly the main menu where you can see existing requests, with an indicator if they are overdue, due within the next 7 days etc for a quick visual reference. Select on the right hand side to create a new request. 


Enter the details of the new request, including any detail of the request that could have been from an email, letter, tweet or phone call.


Insert details of how you have verified ID, this could be recent transactions, two factor authentication, document check etc. This is for your organisation to decide on the most appropriate method in context of your business.


Choose which types of personal data you are searching for, this is from the information in the Discover phase that you would have already populated. You can add as many types as you like. Once this is complete, press the Generate List button and the platform will search through everything you've entered in your Records of Processing and create a detailed and focussed task list for you to work from.

Finally, once you've created your task list, you can work through each system and record if data was found and how you are to extract the data.


The process is the same for the Erasure request, up until the final screen, where you are asked not how you extract the data but if and how you can delete it.


Once the above steps are complete you will be presented with a report and of course all decisions are tracked and fully auditable should you ever have the need to demonstrate what actions you took and why.

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