Pricing is based on the number of Systems that will form part of your GDPR Assessment, and paid annually in advance. When referring to Systems, these include:


Cloud Applications, On Premise Applications, Locally Installed Applications

Electronic Files

e.g. Excel, Word, PDF, CSV, PowerPoint, Images, CCTV

Paper Documents

e.g. Employment Contract, Clinical Trial Document, Invoice

If you have 5 Cloud Applications, 3 On Premise Applications, 20 spreadsheets and 5 paper documents that all contain Personally Identifiable Information then you would need 33 Systems in total and qualify for the Micro license.

Only systems that contain Personally Identifiable Information are in scope though - not every System you have!

Micro Business*

£25 per user per month.

Up to 40 systems.

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£50 per user per month.

Up to 250 systems.

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Contact us to discuss pricing.

Up to 1,000 systems.

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Contact us to discuss pricing.

Up to 10,000 systems.

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£50 per user per month.

Up to 100 Systems.

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Micro Business Entrepreneurs

If like many Micro Business Owners, you operate a selection of Micro businesses that all meet the systems limit, you will be able to purchase additional Assessments (1 for each company) as part of your main Micro license for just £5 extra per month per Assessment.

e.g. If you operate 4 Micro businesses, you would pay £25 per month for the 1st business and £5 per month for each additional business, making a total of £40 per month for 4 companies.


You can use the platform for your own Assessment purposes, then purchase Assessments for each of your clients.  These are charged based on the number of Systems and can be purchased as required within the platform.

Each Assessment will be charged annually, based on the same System criteria limits:

Micro: £150, SME: £300, Large & Enterprise: Contact us for pricing.

Referrals for Everyone - you could get the platform for free

When you sign up you will get a Referral ID. If somebody else signs up using your Referral ID, you will get 10% of the value of their initial order deducted from your following years subscription.

Total discounts will be added together (up to 100%) and discounted from your renewal price, discount applied at the Company level. Unused discounts above 100% are not carried over or paid out.

No Hidden Extras

We don't punish you for not being a large company!

All license levels include all three modules: Discover, Assess & Operate and full use of the API - we will not restrict functionality based on the type of user you are like many often do!