Customer Version: 1.1

Internal Version:

Release Date: 25th May 2018


  1. New features in Operate module to manage
    1. Subject Access Requests
    2. Right to Erasure Requests
  2. New Risks in Risk Management module
  3. Added Criminal as a Sensitive Data Type
    1. Including anywhere referenced in system

Blog post on the Operate module changes can be seen here:  

Customer Version: 1.01

Internal Version:

Release Date: 21st May 2018


  1. New features in Assess module to manage
    1. Legal Basis
    2. Consent
    3. Retention
    4.  Controller or Processor
  2. New Risk Management module in Assess
  3. Removed DPO from Company Setup Page
  4. Added 'Client' to Company setup
    1. Indicates if the Company is a Client, will be used for creating the Data Processing Agreement for all clients
  5. Added 'Group Company' to Company setup
    1. If set to Yes, Binding Corporate Rules may apply and be required
  6. Removed 'Third Party or Group' from Company Setup
  7. Updated theme to show Discover, Assess & Operate in distinct colours for ease of navigation
  8. Added affiliate link functionality to enable affiliates to link to the platform
  9. Added 'what is being deleted' section when creating a Delete activity
    1. Can either delete data from a system, a file or destroy a physical document
  10. Improved Receive Data Flow screen
  11. Updated Systems page to separate IT Systems, Electronic Documents and Paper Documents


  1. Fixed issue with System Owner drop down box not populating

Version: 1.0

Release Date: 23rd April 2018

First release of the GDPR Mentor Platform containing the Discover module