Managing GDPR Subject Access Requests

We’ve just released our new Operate module, that allows you to record Subject Access Requests and Right to Erasure requests. The other items on the screenshot will be appearing very soon too. We’ve got some screenshots below that shows how these work and make full benefit of the fully connected GDPR Mentor platform and the information you’ve

GDPR Mentor interview by Suzanne Dibble

Having had the pleasure of speaking with, and meeting Suzanne Dibble whilst GDPR Mentor were exhibiting and Suzanne was the Keynote speaker at GDPR Summit London in April, we agreed at that time to do a live interview in Suzanne’s incredibly popular Facebook group GDPR for online entrepreneurs Due to a few technical hurdles, mainly how

GDPR Data Protection Impact Assessments

Yesterday we released the first version of the ‘Risk Register’ in GDPR Mentor which aims to address the Data Protection Impact Assessment challenge. During our research and development for the platform we’ve seen many people creating Microsoft Word and Excel templates to carry out assessments, and whilst these might work on a very small scale,


COBITCOBIT and GDPR – a perfect partnership? Having spent many years working with COBIT, and more recently GDPR, I can’t help but see endless cross over between the COBIT framework and the requirements for GDPR. COBIT will ask you at the outset to: APO01.01 Define the organisational structure APO01.02 Establish roles and responsibilities and its

Records of Processing

What exactly do we mean by Record of Processing? Records of Processing covers anything that we do with data, and as you can see from the above example from a single Recruitment process this can be wide ranging. Read on below to see what Records of Processing GDPR Mentor allows you to manage, hopefully this

Visualising GDPR

I could not find a GDPR platform good enough, so I created one… The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) are an Information Management and Process challenge, which can be implemented using techniques such as Master Data Management, Information Governance, Process Management & a Data First Culture within your organisation. An opportunity that you have until